Sustainable Product Innovation Program

Our Sustainable Product Innovation Program provides tools to identify and integrate consumer desire and consumer values, translating them into product possibilities.

This program triangulates trend forecasting, technological capabilities, and people perspectives to support design teams and brands in order to identify the opportunity space, using a People First approach that smartly embeds deep consumer insight into the innovation process from inception to iteration. In the sustainability space, without clearly defined edges, this program unlocks crucial insights regarding the value and meaning consumers attach to sustainability, and how that influences successful product trajectories.

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Circular Communications Strategy

Our Circular Communications Strategy provides direction and guidance that help brands and organizations communicate and engage with their audiences in ways that support and enable sustainable and circular behaviours.

Sustainability and circularity only works when everyone plays their part: The brands support sustainable consumption and take responsibility for their products beyond the moment of purchase and the consumers are reframed and reimagined as important participants and co-creators of those processes. All that needs to be communicated in new and engaging ways and it needs to be aligned with your brand’s purpose and position.

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